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Education-Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

Degree Program

Education Leadership & Counseling

First Advisor

Richard Vander Molen

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A wealth of research demonstrates that teachers of all career levels are leaving the profession due to dissatisfaction with a variety of working conditions and lack of growth opportunities. Teachers desire a better work-life balance, opportunities to progress in their careers, and collaboration with co-workers and school leaders. Additionally, the research shows that teachers stay in education when they are valued and given the opportunity to use their expertise and voice. Mentorship programs support early-career teachers, while giving midto-late career teachers the opportunity to use their expertise. This project is the development of a two-tiered mentorship program that combines instructional coaching and support from a job-alike mentor for those entering their teaching career. Mentees will provide and receive formative feedback that will be used to select personalized professional development. Through the development of the project, new teachers at Hudsonville Christian School made it known that there is also a need for support with student faith formation. Mentors in this program will assist teachers with implementation of student faith formation and will support teachers in the development of the instructional skills and goals the mentees set with their instructional coaches. This mentorship program distributes leadership to the instructional coaches, teacher leaders, and the mentors.