Date Approved


Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Nursing (D.N.P.)

Degree Program

College of Nursing

First Advisor

Kelli Damstra, DNP, MSN, RN

Second Advisor

Dave Vander Ark DNP, MSN, RN, PMH-BC

Academic Year



Introduction: Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) can have lasting negative impacts on maternal and child health. The aim of the quality improvement project was to help determine if home-based psychosocial interventions for PMADs utilizing volunteers impact patient outcomes and expand evidence-based treatment options. Process: The program evaluation utilized a logic model to outline the program’s key inputs and outputs, and to guide ongoing implementation; outline what did or did not occur as intended in the volunteer program; elucidate for organization stakeholders how program activities bring about desired changes/outputs; and to determine if the program brings about desired outcomes in relation to perinatal mental health. Outcomes: The major outcomes of interest were pre and post measures of PMADs symptoms, stress, and level of reported support in the caregivers. Discussion: The results of this program evaluation serve to highlight the program as an effective and accessible option to mitigate PMADs in the community. This quality improvement project speaks to the need for more impactful, evidence-based interventions in the community setting.

Available for download on Friday, April 17, 2026