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Education-School Counseling (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

First Advisor

Judy Williams

Second Advisor

Catherine L. Meyer-Looze

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Research and relevant literature have shown that school connectedness is not only associated with but has a profound impact on students’ mental health and academic achievement. School connectedness is a factor that can be influenced directly by the school environment and by interventions aimed at helping students that take place during school. School counselors carry out many of these interventions and have a responsibility to promote safe and protective environments for all students. Through the use of data and screening tools, school counselors are able to identify students that could benefit from participating in interventions. Interventions regarding school connectedness often involve developing trust, bonds, and connections with peers, teachers, and other school personnel. This project takes a closer look at relevant literature surrounding school connectedness, as well as interventions that are data-driven and effective at promoting a sense of school connectedness for even the most vulnerable of students.