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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Karyn Rabourn

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Transition programs on college campuses lack social-emotional and communication intervention methods to help students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) succeed. Social-emotional and communication challenges are believed to be lifelong, and the most difficult deficit to overcome for individuals with ASD (Wilson et al., 2021). Brown (2017) stated that support which includes help with executive function tasks and social-emotional relationships are crucial, which are areas overlooked when creating intervention programs on college campuses. This photography intervention will focus on college students diagnosed with ASD using photography as a means of alternate communication. Photography will augment and increase their communications skills giving them exposure to new situations, environments, and people, improving their social-emotional well-being. Students will be active participants in the photography intervention, having input on topics to photograph, group discussions of the images, reflecting in processes, as well as the intention of the photograph. At the completion of the photography intervention, participants will be able to have their images on display giving them an additional opportunity to socialize and learn new skills.

Available for download on Saturday, April 25, 2026