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Education-Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Gabriela Gui

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Research has showed that classroom size can have a huge contribution on students learning outcomes in a negative way. Instead of the constant reporting on reasons why classroom size is an issue, there should be more information provided on how to overcome larger pre-k class sizes when it’s out of the teachers control. Administration should be able to provide staff with resources that’ll help make their classrooms the best learning place no matter the circumstances. Bringing in the help needed to support teachers in their classrooms will show that larger class sizes are not a barrier, it’s a obstacle that can be overcame. This project is a guide to be used by childcare professionals working with prekindergarten students that’s facing larger class sizes then normal according to their teacher to child ratio. It’ll help serve as a reference to all pre-k educators that’s put in the position and already facing larger class sizes, which could help have a better outlook on what can get done to continuously help and support each young mind.