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Education-Higher Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Laila McCloud

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Food insecurity is a problem facing many college students across the United States. While many colleges and universities have begun to address food insecurity on their campuses by providing resources such as food pantries and meal swipe programs, selective institutions have largely been left out of the conversation. Food insecurity in college creates a plethora of barriers that often prevent students from experiencing college in the same capacity as their food secure counterparts. Unfortunately, low-income students facing food insecurity at selective institutions must face the additional barrier of a culture of wealth that often renders their food insecurity invisible while also attending institutions that offer less support for food insecure students than less selective institutions. This project aims to address the barriers that food insecure students are facing at selective institutions through a program that provides students with access to food on-campus throughout the entire academic year and at no cost to the student.