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Nursing (D.N.P.)

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College of Nursing

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Christina Quick

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Joy Turner Washburn

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Elizabeth Levasseur

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Background: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports national breastfeeding rates that are inconsistent with the recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life (CDC, 2020). The rate of infants receiving any breastmilk by six months of age in a rural Midwest County is only 16% in contrast to 55% nationally (CDC, 2020; XXXXX, 2021). This discrepancy was addressed by evaluating breastfeeding status in that Midwest community followed by strategies to improve breastfeeding rates.

Methods: A multi-intervention quality improvement project was implemented using the SEIPS framework. The project evaluated the effectiveness of documenting breastfeeding status in addition to creating a breastfeeding friendly practice. The project evaluated breastfeeding rates of infants six months and younger before and after implementation.

Results: The implementation of a standardized process for documenting breastfeeding status resulted in a statistically significant increase (p < .001) in percentage of infants with breastfeeding status documented. The rate of infants exclusively breastfed increased from 27% to 50% after additional interventions creating a breastfeeding friendly practice were implemented.

Conclusions: The development of a standardized process for documenting breastfeeding status alone did not increase breastfeeding rates. However, a combination of strategies promoting breastfeeding resulted in a clinically significant increase in the number of exclusively breastfed infants.