Date Approved


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Education-Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

Degree Program

Education Leadership & Counseling

First Advisor

Catherine L. Meyer-Looze

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Research has revealed the significance and importance of mental health and its incorporation into overall well-being. A survey conducted by RAND Corp revealed that one in four teachers has experienced symptoms of depression (Kidger, 2021). Along those same lines, educators have expressed that due to their job and the school climate, they have experienced symptoms of anxiety, depression, and large amounts of stress (Merida et al., 2017). This project explores the various stressors that are felt by educators within their educational institutions and delivers solutions to reduce the symptoms associated with mental illness and improve the school climate. Through surveys and interviews, administrators will establish a baseline of the overall mental health of their educators along with the educators’ perception of the school climate. From there, steps will be delivered to improve both mental health and school climate. The objective of this project is to lower the number of stressors felt by educators while improving the school climate.