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Education-Literacy Studies: Reading (M.Ed.)

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Literacy, Educational Foundations, & Technology

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Elizabeth Stolle

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For a kindergarten student, writing can be exhausting and difficult. For a kindergarten student, writing can also be imaginative and fun. Kindergarten students have a lot of stories to tell and words to write, they just need tools in their toolbox in order to do so. Writing, especially in the younger grade levels, often takes a back seat to other subjects. Unfortunately, this leaves many words unwritten, skills unpracticed, and minds unimaginative. This project aims to create a resource for teachers to use within their designated writing time specifically focusing on developmentally appropriate practices and pulling from the intertwined skillset of reading and writing. From a theoretical perspective of social cognitive theory and emergent literacy theory, teachers will build on the natural social curiosity of young minds to support their ideas while also tapping into teaching reading through writing and writing through reading. By providing students with opportunities to share their ideas at a pace that is age appropriate, while simultaneously and explicitly teaching phonics skills, students will begin to build their own writing identity and self-efficacy through verbal, visual, and written storytelling.