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Education-Instruction and Curriculum: Early Childhood Education (M.Ed.)

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Teaching and Learning

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Sherie Klee

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Literature has revealed important information on how establishing mentoring can foster ongoing learning and effective teaching, yet few west Michigan early education environments incorporate any opportunities to encourage these essential relationships. This project explores the recent history of early education learning environments as well as contemporary challenges presented to these programs. Effective teacher supports and ongoing training must acknowledge the necessary out-of-classroom time needed for high-quality instruction and its influence on teacher wellbeing. Mentoring can offer teachers at various points in their careers with rich opportunities to coach and be coached as part of their existing professional development network. The mentor match project makes space for the needs of new and experienced teachers. With multiple surveys, teacher feedback will assist coordinators and administrators in making changes that will encourage professional growth, limit turnover, and contribute to a culture with teacher’s voices at the forefront.