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Education-Literacy Studies: Reading (M.Ed.)

Degree Program

Literacy, Educational Foundations, & Technology

First Advisor

Elizabeth Petroelje Stolle

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Students lack literacy skills while entering the middle level grades, where reading is used as a tool for learning, rather than consistently taught through explicit instruction on the components of literacy. Reading interventions give students additional support and opportunities to improve their reading skills. This project argues for those intervention programs to be chosen based on specific qualities that are shown through research to make learning during interventions more impactful. The framework for this project works with the idea that learning is a social and cultural interaction, where collaboration, word play, student interests, and learning environment will allow students to improve. The product provides helpful information on several reading intervention programs that can be used with students at the middle level, which is accessible to teachers, literacy coaches, and reading interventionists who are planning to work with striving readers.