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Education-Instruction and Curriculum: Secondary Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Sherie Klee

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This project examines the racial disparity that exists among students of color and positive teacher-student relationships. Research shows that teacher bias influences teachers' perception of students of color. Teacher social identities play a role in how teachers build student-teacher relationships, which affects some students of color experience in school. For instance, students of color are less likely to experience academic recommendations and more likely to receive harsh discipline. However, research shows that teachers can improve their teacher bias by self-discovering their teacher’s social identity in the classroom. In addition, teachers could improve their interactions with students of color by exploring their students' culture, traditions, and customs. In this project, the objective will be to spread awareness of teacher bias and how this affects teacher-student relationships with students of color. There will be a professional development plan that will include two sessions and a multicultural assembly. The project will help teachers build stronger student-teacher relationships with students of color.