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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Sherie Klee

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Differentiated instruction is the process of tailoring lessons to meet each student's individual interests, needs, and strengths. The use of this instruction is necessary and plays an overwhelmingly important role in a student’s success and strengths within the classroom. Understanding how to best use strategies to provide effective differentiated instruction for each student is important, and the lack of this sound understanding and foundation can be seen as a problem. The implementation of differentiated instruction within the classroom is often not found due to teachers’ lack of experience and understanding of what it is, how to implement it, central exam pressure, and lack of materials and resources (Nayman & Altun, 2022). Providing resources for teachers to have the tools necessary to help students is the best way to help solve this problem and provide the best learning environment for every student. This project is an in-service designed for elementary educators to help increase their understanding of differentiation and application techniques within the classroom. Key components of this in-service include teaching, group discussion, critical thinking, and reflection. Increasing the participating educators’ knowledge, understanding, and confidence of differentiated instruction and the use of it in the classroom through both cluster classrooms and ability grouping as beneficial methods will benefit all students.

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