Date Approved


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Education-Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

Degree Program

Education Leadership & Counseling

First Advisor

Catherine L. Meyer-Looze

Academic Year



The ongoing teacher shortage in America has created an unprecedented demand for high-quality educators. To address this challenge, the establishment of school-sponsored or company-sponsored alternative certification programs is necessary. These partnership initiatives should involve assigning school or company employees as coaches to candidates, facilitating bi-weekly in-person and online coaching sessions to enhance instructional practices, and offering constructive coursework feedback. The primary objective is to equip aspiring alternatively certified teachers with essential skills, ensuring they are highly qualified while receiving ongoing support. This project highlights the need for school-sponsored alternative certification programs in producing highly qualified teachers capable of meeting the demands of the teaching profession. Using a mixed-methods approach, including the analysis of retention data, candidate surveys, interviews, and performance evaluations, this study aims to ascertain the effectiveness of a school-sponsored alternative certification program. The findings will offer valuable insights to school districts, charter school companies, and policymakers struggling with the teacher shortage crisis, aiding in the expansion and improvement of such initiatives to provide students with highly qualified teachers.