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Education (M.Ed.)

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Teacher Education

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Dr. Sherie Klee

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Bullying is a complex public health concern, with Research suggesting that prevention is dependent on school and local demographics. Bully victimization is also heavily associated with students who have adverse childhood experiences. Additionally, Research supports the use of positive behavior supports and interventions as well as the involvement of the greater community to prevent bullying. Forest Hills Public Schools has yet to adopt this Research within their policies and anti-bullying programs. They also do not offer professional development regarding this topic. This project addresses current anti-bullying prevention curriculum, programs, and interventions while also considering the impact that adverse childhood experiences have on students. An effective anti-bullying program must be considerate of local demographics and must be seamlessly integrated into the school. The anti-bullying prevention professional development for school personnel addresses this gap for employees of a variety of school districts in the area. It identifies bullying behaviors and subsequent negative outcomes, adverse childhood experiences, and well researched and effective anti-bullying intervention strategies in schools.