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Education-Higher Education (M.Ed.)

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Education Leadership & Counseling

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Paul Bylsma

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This project examines the barriers first-generation college students face when studying abroad and what support services can be provided to mitigate those barriers. An intensive review of the literature revealed that many barriers hinder FGCS from studying abroad. A few that will be covered include financial constraints, familial support, and knowledge about studying abroad. The intentions of this project are to create a first-generation-centered study abroad presentation that will be a culmination of explaining different opportunities FGCS have when studying abroad, the resources there to support FGCS in their endeavors, and how studying abroad can positively impact FGCS. I also held a student panel with other FGCS and was able to speak about their experience studying abroad. When FGCS can study abroad, they develop many positive attributes and skills that will benefit them and their careers, along with increased engagement, success, and retention.