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Education (M.Ed.)

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Education Leadership & Counseling

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Paul Bylsma

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Within higher educational institutions faculty may serve in a faculty advising role. The quality of faculty advising conversations can impact student’s sense of mattering and support to campus leadership, community, and beyond. Faculty, however, have competing priorities and a lack of pathological training that has prevented them from investing deeper in advising practices. Students may then miss important opportunities to initially connect with campus leaders about their curricular and co-curricular development. To better operationalize academic advising practices for faculty to use in their everyday student conversations, a faculty learning community is suggested to aid. The Faculty Learning Community: Advancing Faculty Academic Advising Pedagogy will encompass several group discussions about the Appreciative Advising framework in hopes of building consistency in how students are being supported by their faculty advisors. As a community of faculty meet each semester to learn and collaborate on how they can foster student development, student integration and retention in higher education will rise.