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Education-Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Catherine Meyer-Looze

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Standardized testing has become the primary means of measuring success of students, educational stakeholders, and educational entities themselves, in turn permeating a practice of subsidiarity while further segregating educational opportunities for the American public. The research suggests this gap in practice is due to federal mandates enforcing standardized testing policies that hinder educational leaders from assessing students in more reliable ways. The experimental qualities of the research also contribute to this gap because the educational research holds a lack of generalizability and weak external validity due to subject and researcher bias’. This practice in subsidiarity could be addressed by taking initiative at the local level and implementing professional development committees that focus on alternative assessment methods and the ramifications of reliance on standardized testing. One could also propose programs such as those discussed in the research, to better educate diverse pupils on relevant curriculum to create a more productive/ knowledgeable American culture.

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