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Education-Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Catherine Meyer-Looze

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Research has revealed alignment in curriculum and expectations is beneficial to all stakeholders within an educational system. Recent projects have focused on the alignment of standards and curriculum but districts, including Coopersville Area Public Schools, have neglected to put together a strategic plan for total instructional alignment hence seeing adverse effects in both teacher confidence and student success. Total instructional alignment can be reinforced through vertical teaming, professional development, and the use of common language for behavior and academic expectations.

This project explores the importance of total instructional alignment and challenges districts to implement this alignment. This project provides a complete resource guide for the creation of total instructional alignment through templates, timelines, teacher perception surveys, plans for professional development, and a district wide behavior matrix. Each piece of the project supports the implementation of total instructional alignment to promote teacher confidence and ensure student success.

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Education Commons