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Privacy concerns seem to come up daily in the news these days, whether it be government spying through the NSA or people willingly giving information about themselves away on social media. It seems as if no one has any privacy anymore. As actor Will Smith said in a recent interview on the show ‘Vecherniy Urgant’, “I was very dumb when I was 14. See, no Twitter, no Facebook when I was 14. So I was dumb, but I was dumb in private.” His view is a common one – that people, especially young people, are being exposed to privacy risks through their use of technology. Willingly given or not the formerly private information of the populace is being stored, tracked, and sold to buyers for both legal and illegal use. Though there are many stories in the news about privacy concerns the general public doesn’t seem to be worried, or are perhaps too ill-informed to be worried. Is this problem truly nothing to be concerned about, or is the lack of concern letting this problem spiral out of control?