Medicine and Health Sciences


Dirty Details is my Honors Senior Project and my contribution to promoting a sexpositive culture at Grand Valley State University (GVSU). A sex-positive environment is one in which sexual choices are respected, communication is encouraged, and education and resources to promote sexual health are available and accessible. Fusing my knowledge from Nursing and Women, Gender and Sexuality studies, I created an educational presentation that teaches sexually transmitted disease prevention strategies and resources for related sexual health services. All forms of sexual activity were included and respected during my presentation and the appropriate barrier method for each was addressed. My methodology involved collecting information about Grand Valley and ranked universities’ resources, conducting a literature review to determine best practices, connecting with other sexual health activists and advocates, creating a program guided by my findings, piloting the program to nursing students, considering feedback, and revising accordingly. By collaborating with other devoted members of the community, I joined in the effort to make sexual health information and resources more consistently accessible to students.

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