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The purpose of this experiment is to determine the energy expenditure of ice hockey players during a game and how energetics change throughout the three periods of a game. Previous research looked at the difference between positions in ice hockey, focusing on differences in anthropometrics, shift durations, and aerobic capacity between forwards and defense. Other work utilized heart rate monitors as well as stop motion analysis, but currently, there is no research on energetics (calories expended during a game) between positions. We measured energy expenditure during a game using heart rate monitors, comparing positions and change in energetics throughout a game. We also collected baseline body composition data. This research will lead to a better understanding of energy expenditure in hockey players, separated by position. Athletes, coaches, and trainers can use the results of this study to better utilize hydration, nutrition, and position-specific training to improve their performance in games. They can also use the results of this study to improve strategy in a game as well as endurance training for the athletes.

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