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Professional snowboarding lessons are expensive. They can cost up to a thousand dollars a day for a private lesson at a high quality mountain. Many people are not willing to put that much of an investment in a sport that they might not even enjoy. For this reason, many people seek out knowledgeable friends in order to learn the sport. By receiving help from a friend it can be a more enjoyable experience as well as a substantially cheaper one. The problem with this system is that many of these friends do not know where to start when teaching snowboarding. They might have been taught a crash course on the sport or simply learned by trial and error without much instruction by themselves. Also, they might lack adequate experience to properly relay the information necessary – just because someone offers to teach, does not make them the best teacher available. This project is designed to help people in teaching their friends how to snowboard. A pamphlet was produced as an instructional aid to use when helping friends come to snowboarding. I have been snowboarding for a number of years, but it took a great deal of determination, patience, practice, and people helping me along the way to become the rider I am today. Snowboarding is an exciting sport that I have always enjoyed bringing people to.

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Bryker Snowboarding Pamphlet.docx (31 kB)
Matt Bryker Snowboarding Pamphlet