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This project is deeply rooted within Grand Valley State University’s Frederik Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors (FMCFWAMA). This campus resource emphasizes the role of peer consultants working with writers of all levels and disciplines, while emphasizing student ownership of written works through the balance of directive and nondirective feedback. The FMCFWAMA focuses not solely on the aspect of writing as expression and communication, but also the development of students as writers.

The FMCFWAMA emphasizes its ability to help any student in any discipline, no matter their personal level and perception of writing; however, one population that could be accessed more so is the Frederik Meijer Honors College; in Winter of 2013, only eight percent of the 11-13,000 consultations were by honors students (P. Batty, personal communication, October 28, 2015), not including the possibility of students coming in for multiple consultations. The Writing Center (WC) holds a presence in WRT 150 and WRT 098 classrooms, but despite the availability for these writing courses, there is no other similar form to assist freshman Honors Students on Grand Valley’s campus.

Due to this lack of a presence in the honors college, and through my personal experience in going through the honors college curriculum, I created a pilot program to assist this underutilized group. With the assistance of the FMCFWAMA, I developed a program to create online writing groups through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra as a viable option to incorporate into the WC’s available services.