Simply Sweets is a start-up bakery located in west Michigan. Our commitment to excellence in the craft and artistry of baking enables us to deliver high quality products that look superb, delight the customer and make celebrations a moment to cherish. We have committed ourselves to being a green, sustainable business that uses local products and aims for zero waste.

Our products will exceed local stores and franchise competitors. Our products will posses that certain something that others do not have. Simply Sweets aims to offer its products at a competitive price to the middle-class market in the area.

Company Mission Statement

Revive and preserve the elegance and sensation of age old baking and cake decorating with culinary techniques to achieve the height of quality and excellence in the cake and pastry industry. Our products range from high-end elegance to classic and simple. If you dare to dream it we will create it.

Management Strategies

Simply Sweets will maintain a focus on quality products with bottom-line growth through cost reduction and optimal performance. We also stay up-to-date on technology and innovation to make sure employees have extensive training to perform proper technique and equipment operation. As a team, input will be collected analyzed and put into practice. Weekly team meetings will motivate and forecast growth and prevent potential difficulties.

Funding Resources

Simply Sweets will raise $100,000 capital of its own. Government grants for small businesses and outside investors will provide the remaining $350,000 capital.

Funding Allocation

Our current financial assumptions indicate that Simply Sweets will need to raise $450,000 in start-up capital. Detailed information for allocation of funds can be found in “Funding Request” section.