positive behavioral intervention and support system, youth at risk, juvenile justice, detention


Law | Social and Behavioral Sciences


The central focus of this project is a survey of programs and organizations serving youth labelled at-risk. This program study is to see how positive behavioral intervention and support (PBIS) systems versus consequence based behavioral management systems are used in programs for youth labelled at risk. It also surveys if PBIS systems are beneficial for working with this population. The methods used in this study were to generate a survey asking questions about the behavioral management systems used in the facilities and the effectiveness of the systems used. Results indicated that of the facilities surveyed, all of them worked with youth labelled at risk, and youth involved with the juvenile justice system. 80% of facilities surveyed used a positive behavioral intervention and support system, and all that used this system stated that it had been effective as a behavioral management system with this population. Further research is needed into how a PBIS system can benefit organizations serving youth labelled at risk, however, preliminary research indicates that a PBIS system is useful in working with at risk youth.

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