Arts and Humanities | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


Over a year ago, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and identity through the art of drag. By exploring the traditionally fetishized, deviant activity of female impersonation, my eyes have been opened not only to the political and social aspect of gender, but to the benefits of self-expression. In this study, we raised awareness and built a community that supports drag and gender expression. We also documented the rewards of Drag within the context of empowerment, self-exploration, and performance art.

These experiences were chronicled in a book containing poetry, artwork, and pictures of myself. This book was not made in chronological order, but instead in a way that reflects my emotional journey. My story is primarily told through poetry authored by myself and others. Although I do not feel like a different person in drag, I refer to my drag-self as “she or her” for clarity. The poems keep the story moving, while the artwork and pictures support the story. I also included definitions, which were generally placed after a section or “chapter” of the book. For example, after my “monster series”, I define the word monster.

Additional Files

Chris Royer, Art Book, Part 1.PDF (3171 kB)
Chris Royer, Art Book, Part 1

Chris Royer, Art Book, Part 2.PDF (2701 kB)
Chris Royer, Art Book, Part 2