We Matter


Nurse, stereotype, media, nursing, portrayal, healthcare, health, portrayal, nurses


Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Nursing


Dr. Janet Winter


My artwork takes an expansive view of stereotypes and misconceptions portrayed by the media, and believed by the public, about the nurse’s role and suggests a more accurate portrayal of the nurse as an important member of the healthcare team. The piece consists of three associated panels – a triptych – with each panel focusing on a different topic related to the nurse’s role. The leftmost panel depicts the nurse-patient bond, the middle panel depicts the social issues surrounding the nurse, and the rightmost panel depicts the relationship between the nurse and other members of the healthcare team. The work as a whole serves as a reminder that many individuals make up the healthcare team, including patient, nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, cleaning service member, physician, pharmacist, and kitchen staff. According to an old adage, “it takes a village to raise a child”; here, it takes a team to take care of a patient. This work challenges viewers to think about how the media and their own experiences influence their ways of thinking about the role of the nurse and the healthcare team. Is it a positive connotation? Negative? Everyone should reconsider how their preconceived notions and misconceptions affect the health of others: because we all matter.

Additional Files

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Left Panel Image

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Middle Panel Image

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Right Panel Image

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