libraries, voter education, civic engagement, democracy, civic literacy


American Politics | Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Learning | Political Science


Emily Frigo


The aim of this project was to explore how libraries, particularly academic libraries, intersect with voter education in promoting civic engagement. After reviewing research on the library’s role in democracy and civic engagement, I forged this connection through collaborating with librarians to develop an interactive workshop open to the Grand Valley community. The main goal of this workshop was to increase voter education and equip voters with tools to become better informed on candidates, legislation, and policy before the midterm elections of November, 2018. Participation in democracy is a lifelong practice and civic duty that begins with a strong educational foundation. I was optimistic that promoting civic literacy and voter education would improve the likelihood of voters going to the polls for the midterm election, as well as future elections, and allow voters to feel more confident in casting their votes. Using my skills as a library research consultant, working closely with librarians of different specialities, and creating relationships with various campus partners resulted in a successful voter education workshop.