music therapy, music listening, nursing care, nursing intervention, healing


Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Nursing | Recreational Therapy


Dr. Barbara Hooper


The value of holistic and individualized care in honoring a patient’s story and promoting their quality of life is of the highest importance when providing nursing care. Nursing is more than just a profession, it is an art that is consistently changing and adapting, requiring critical and creative thinking to deliver high quality, safe care that is evidenced-based. Nurses must continuously seek innovative ways to enrich lives and enhance the healing process through interventions strongly supported by research. The purpose of this project was to explore music as an alternative form of medicine that can be utilized as a therapeutic intervention in nursing care. The project included conducting a literature review of pertinent articles and studies in preparation for writing a research paper. The paper focuses on the history of music therapy, using music in healthcare settings, music’s impact on different patient populations, and how nurses can implement music to improve patient outcomes.


A poster presentation related to this paper was presented at Student Scholars Day 2020. Information on the poster presentation can be found at this link: