Drosophila melanogaster, gut microbiota, acquisition, fitness


Bacteria | Gastroenterology


Georgette Sass


Drosophila melanogaster is a model organism that has been studied to demonstrate the role of gut microbiota in fitness. It has already been established the gut microbiota is extremely important for the health of the organism, but the source of the microbiota has not been studied as thoroughly. In order to test if the source of microbiota affects the fitness of the individual, adult male and female flies were placed onto plates to defecate after being raised on standard food and food with carbenicillin. Stock eggs were washed in either water or a bleach solution, then placed on the defecation plates. There was a significant difference between the fecundity of FRB vs NB, as well as longevity of MRB vs FRB, FRB vs NB, and NW vs NB. This indicates that microbiota can be obtained from the fecal matter that is around the egg as the larvae hatches, and this impacts fitness.