Women in STEM, Living Learning Communities, Resources, Online Challenges




Anna White


Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are used by universities and colleges to encourage collective learning and improve long-term retention in underrepresented populations. Through qualitative interviewing and surveys, this study looks to examine the resources members utilize and value within GVSU's Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) LLC. Furthermore, this study explores the motivations for joining and the impacts of participating in WISE. This study found that social and academic resources were the most valued in this community. Also, it provides insight into some challenges members face as undergraduate students and as women in STEM majors. Additionally, it gives understanding into the challenges the community has faced as a whole since switching to an online format due to COVID-19 restrictions. After consideration of these motivations, resources, results, and challenges, this study provides recommendations for the community such as continuing in-person social and academic activities (when safe to do so), continued offering of office hours, adding career resources/connections, and additional hands-on academic tools.

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Psychology Commons