Mental Health, Nursing Students, University


Higher Education | Medicine and Health Sciences | Mental and Social Health


Briana Hutchinson


This paper explores the ongoing issue of mental health, specifically in nursing students. In addition to maintaining good academic status through exams, assignments, and papers, nursing students must also endure the stressful environment of a clinical setting. Through summarizing research and drawing overall conclusions, this paper examines the contributing and alleviating factors to poor mental health in this population. Data was obtained from studies published from 2017 to 2023 in the CINAHL database, and 11 studies were retrieved from a data collection process to be included in this review. Multiple studies show a low deviation in mental health levels, healthy behaviors, and resilience levels when examining nursing student populations. Topics such as resilience, mindfulness, yoga, and university courses and assignments demonstrated changes in levels of anxiety, depression, and stress in nursing students. Further exploration of ways to improve mental health in nursing students is necessary to ensure the future nursing workforce can take care of themselves and provide excellent care in their future careers.

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