Honduras, Healthcare, Telemedicine, Healthcare Disparity, Artificial Intelligence, Registered Nurses


Medicine and Health Sciences


Debra Burg


Healthcare does not exist in a vacuum. It is influenced by the geography of the area where it is provided, the infrastructure available, the politics that impact its funding, and many other factors. The Honduran Health System is no different. This paper will review the healthcare in Honduras and the challenges to its effectiveness. The first area that will be addressed is the geography of Honduras and how this geography has affected the ability of its citizens to access the services provided by the Health System. The second area to be covered will be the infrastructure and training that is available to healthcare providers in Honduras. The third area to be covered will be the history of the country and how it has contributed to the current political situation. Finally, we will focus on the instability and corruption of the Honduran government and the negative impact it has had on the Health System.

After presenting the issues that plague the Honduran Health System, possible solutions will be explored and their relative merits will be evaluated. These solutions will consider the options for access to healthcare services based upon the geography and infrastructure of the urban, rural, and remote regions of the country.