microbiology, fungi, yeast, candida, candida albicans, gene, protein, calcium, copper, zinc, fluorescence microscopy, stains, metal stress


Biochemistry | Life Sciences


Dr. Ian Cleary


The gene orf19.2302 is upregulated during filamentous growth in the fungus Candida albicans. This gene encodes a protein that is predicted to contain several transmembrane domains. Based on sequence similarities to proteins in different fungi, it is predicted to function as a permease, and could be a transporter of cations between the ER and the cytoplasm. To further explore the function of this gene, we constructed a strain expressing an mCherry-tagged version of the protein. The localization of the protein was compared in different hyphae-inducing media and at different time points. Co-localization with another smooth ER protein, Erg11, was tested as well. Additionally, growth of deletion and over-expression strains in different metal ions, such as copper and zinc, was examined.