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Paul Stephenson


Jesus’ death on the cross demonstrates the most radical act of love. So when the church, which is biblically supposed to reflect Jesus’ love, causes pain and disagreements, there is no doubt as to why people choose to leave, completely stay away from the church, or lose their faith altogether. Despite this, the solution remains in Jesus. Through His ministry represented in scripture, one can see the way in which the church is called to care for the world. Despite this, the church has come short of Jesus’ example, often skewing people’s perspective on Christ. When on Earth, Jesus defied religion again and again. He healed on the sabbath, sat at a table of tax collectors, and touched lepers. Despite Jesus’ example, many Christians, similar to the Pharisees, are caught up in religious acts focusing on the rituals, laws, and rules of a religion. Jesus did not come to Earth to see people have religion or be hurt. He came for relationships and freedom. While Jesus designed the church to reflect His love, Satan has belittled aspects of the church to a list of rules and regulations which has pushed many away from the church, and even their belief in Christ altogether.

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