healthcare, comparative healthcare, transgender health, racial healthcare disparities, US healthcare, healthcare models


Dr. Joel Stillerman


The United States healthcare system differs from any other system because of its unique health coverage that varies depending on the individual. In other developed countries, healthcare access has been deemed a human right, and insurance access and healthcare costs are equal and shared among citizens. The US has failed to create a healthcare system that values the life of the American rather than the monetary value that the healthcare sector can provide for the country. Countries with far less gross domestic product have more inclusive healthcare systems that provide equal access to residents. Additionally, the US has various healthcare disparities that plague various minority groups such as the transgender community and racial and ethnic groups. Thus, the purpose of this podcast is to understand health policy and to construct an implementation plan that would improve the healthcare system within the United States. To do so, different healthcare models will be described, US healthcare disparities will be explored, and potential solutions to the healthcare crisis will be suggested.