Date of Award


Degree Name

Nursing (D.N.P.)


College of Nursing

First Advisor

Dr. Sandra Spoelstra

Second Advisor

Dr. Marie VanderKooi

Third Advisor

Judy Westers

Fourth Advisor

Caryn Steenland


Inpatient hospitalizations for children are often costly. Children often transition from one setting to the next while hospitalized, therefore their provision of care is also transferred from one care team to the next. This transition presents a vital time for the child, that may be associated with adverse events and medical error. Adverse events can lead to poor outcomes for the child. Despite efforts to improve patient handoffs, communication failures are still abundant in healthcare. Research indicates that the use of a standardized handoff tool from one setting to the next is an effective method for improving the patient’s transition. This project will focus on implementation of a standardized handoff tool from an OR to a PICU to improve staff communication and patient outcomes.

Included in

Nursing Commons