Date of Award


Degree Name

Nursing (D.N.P.)


College of Nursing

First Advisor

Amy Manderscheid

Second Advisor

Danielle Rush

Third Advisor

Melodee Vanden Bosch

Fourth Advisor

Rebecca Davis


Heart failure is a prevalent, high-risk condition associated with high mortality and frequent hospitalizations. Heart failure is characterized by acute exacerbations of signs and symptoms, and affects almost six million Americans leading to one of the most costly illnesses in the United States. Management of heart failure is complex and individualized relying on appropriate education, self-care management, medications, and adequate follow-up to succeed in treatment. Many organizations have initiated evidence-based heart failure management or educational programs that provide easy-to-learn education on diagnosis, medication, and self-care behaviors. Research has shown that these programs help patients to better manage their symptoms at home, leading to better disease management and quality of life. This Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project utilized evidence obtained through the literature review, guidance from theoretical and conceptual models, and information from the organizational assessment to develop a standardized heart failure educational process in an outpatient cardiology clinic to improve patient education tools, and provider/clinician documentation. Pre- and post-implementation chart audits were conducted on 25 randomized patient electronic health records. Prior to implementation, only 20% (5/25) of patients with a diagnosis heart failure had documentation showing that evidence-based education was provided. After initiation of the standardized heart failure educational process, the percentage of patients who received evidence-based education increased to 44% (11/25). Chart audits were also conducted on patients that received a heart failure nurse visit with utilization of the new documentation tool and written educational materials. Results displayed an increase to 100% in evidence-based documentation of heart failure topics. Nurse evaluations were also performed using anonymous surveys, showing improved employee satisfaction with the educational process.

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Nursing Commons