Date of Award


Degree Name

Nursing (D.N.P.)


College of Nursing

First Advisor

Dianne Slager

Second Advisor

Sylvia Simons

Third Advisor

Laura Vandermolen


Background: Low immunization rates weaken herd immunity and endanger children. The Safety Net Health Clinic (SNHC) study site serves an underprivileged and refugee population with significantly lower than ideal coverage. Series completion disparities persisted after control for demographic, access-to-care, poverty and language effects (Varan et al, 2016).

Objectives: SNHC implemented the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program in order to increase the vaccination rates among the underserved population.

Methods: As an efficacy study, the project focused on three major areas in the VFC implementation – cost, staff preparedness and patient need. Cost was determined by utilizing electronic medical records (EMR) and budgets. The need and preparedness parts of study were correlational analyses using convenience sampling. Preparedness study required staff training for appropriate policies and procedures. Staff knowledge and readiness was assessed with focus group and objective surveys from pre and post training seminar.

Finally the study addressed need with vaccination rates contrasted by vaccine specific series completion for age cohorts, not for individual patients. Vaccination series completion rates were determined by age cohorts and compared to pre-implementation rates with Chi-squared tests. Vaccine series completion rates were compared to state and national data. Desire for VFC was surveyed from patients.

Results: The study found that there was indeed a need for VFC as well as a staff prepared to implement the program. The clinic’s preparation can be improved due to the issues with refrigeration.

Conclusion: The VFC program is a good fit for SNHC and should increase vaccination rates. Data will be entered into the EMR as part of routine health care documentation and is retrievable in the EMR reporting function by vaccination type and date parameters to assess series completion rates.

Implications: The VFC program implementation was approved. SNHC should explore offering pediatric care.

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