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Nursing (M.S.N.)


College of Nursing


The Cesarean section (C-section) surgical site infection prevention implementation plan has been designed as a quality improvement project. The project included a microsystem assessment, identifying the problem, literature review, application of a nursing theory and conceptual model, and development of an implementation plan. The microsystem assessment involved a Labor and Delivery Unit who had initiated a new surgical site infection (SSI) prevention bundle developed by an interprofessional team utilizing evidence-based practices and other hospitals protocols. The problem defined was the elevated rates of SSIs due to gaps in the SSI bundle risking the sustainability of the bundle. A literature review was performed by searching CINAHL with the search terms: surgical site infection, cesarean section, and obstetrical surgery. The time frame chosen for the literature review was 2011-2016. The Nursing Role Effectiveness Model was utilized to assess the current unit structure and processes to evaluate related outcomes. Furthermore, the implementation plan was formulated with the idea of rapid cycle change utilizing the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle. Collaboration with interprofessional teams and key stakeholders is essential for the success and sustainability of this project.

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