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This article discusses the history, purpose, and services that make up the Grand Valley State University Knowledge Market. The Knowledge Market is made up of faculty and staff directors leading four unique groups of specialized student-consultants who collaborate with their peers. While each service has a unique specialty, The Knowledge Market unites to guide students through the collective academic processes of researching, writing, speaking, and developing visual aids. The Knowledge Market is partnered with the university library in mission, service, and location. It provides a unique and replicable model that can be applied at a variety of campuses who have a need and desire for the communication center to synergize with the similar campus services and the bedrock of campus communities—the university library.


Original Citation:

Brown, C. J., Torreano, J., Lane, J., & Gregory-Hatch, S. (2018). Stronger Together: Nonsummativity and the Grand Valley State University Knowledge Market. Communication Center Journal, 4(1), 75–85.