liberal education, innovation, self-knowledge, pedagogy


Liberal Studies


The readings in the book Reflect, Connect, Engage (2013) offer both an invitation and a challenge as they open the reader to possibilities of transformation. By engaging these voices you are welcomed into a community of learners that includes all of us at Grand Valley, students, faculty and staff, all of us learning from each other as well as from work of great thinkers and activists. GVSU is founded on the practice of liberal education -- an education that holds the possibility of permanently enriching our lives, assisting in the development of the capacities and skills necessary for our vocations, and preparing us for thoughtful participation in our democracy. Like justice, democracy, or freedom, liberal education is one of those concepts that calls us to higher thinking and cannot be defined easily. Yet it must be understood and claimed individually if we are to get the full value from the experience.

Original Citation

Whipps, J. (Ed.). (2013). Reflect, Connect, Engage. Acton, MA: XanEdu Publishing.