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Amber Dierking


This project aims to provide students playing the Reacting to the Past game Rosseau, Burke, and Revolution in France 1791 with research guides tailored to their characters and to the factions to which those characters belong. The documents included are one main Research Guide for the whole game, which contains broad information for all factions and background on the game itself, and forty-one individual Reading Guides paired with each of the in-game Character Role Sheets. The main Research Guide includes: An introduction to the document's purpose and to the game itself, a section titled "Disclaimers" designed to outline the limits of the document, a section titled "Databases" which provides information on the use of the library's various databases, a section titled "Research Tips" that contain the author's best research-related advice, a list of the game's five factions and a brief description of each along with a few recommended readings for each, and a Works Cited page for the documents listed in the Suggested Reading sections for the factions.


French Revolution, Louis XVI, Research Guide, Rosseau, Reacting to the Past



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