homelessness, housing reintegration, dialogue, community engagement, Grand Rapids, Grand Valley State University


Liberal Studies


This community dialogue was designed to identify current gaps in responses to homelessness in Grand Rapids as well as options for addressing those gaps. Given the feedback received, this report focuses on (1) mentorship programs similar to the aftercare program at Dégagé, (2) facilitated housing, and (3) ideas for fostering social connectedness.

Through primary and secondary research as well as an analysis of our dialogue, our team was able to identify key areas of need in the fight for consistent, stable housing. Below you will find an outline of those ideas, more theoretical research on the subject, and data on homelessness/home-finding in general.

The results will be shared with Dégagé, Seeds of Promise, nonprofit leaders, Grand Rapids businesses and openly published so any interested stakeholders can access the lessons learned.


LIB 312 - Dialogue, Integration, and Action