makerspace, Holland campus, design thinking, fab lab, pop-up classes


Liberal Studies


This Innovation Portfolio is the result of a semester long project that examined the role of a regional campus in its community: more specifically, examining how the GVSU Meijer Campus can best integrate into and support its community. The Meijer Campus was originally designed to engage adult learners of the Holland business community. Our team sought out how to reinvigorate the campus through innovating based on this original goal. During the winter of 2017, our team undertook a series of steps to better understand the needs of the Holland community, considering how to design the Meijer Campus to fit those needs. Interviews with stakeholders and secondary research led us to common insights that were then composed into innovations and later prototypes. The final prototype was the Meijer Maker’s Design Lab, a gymnasium for the mind!


LIB 323 / HON 313 - Design Thinking to Meet Real World Needs