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We appreciate your interest in the work of our team, The Dynamic Developers. We take great pride in the work we have done over the course of four months. Our research consisted of reading numerous scholarly articles, interviewing multiple stakeholders, and collecting feedback on our work through collaborator debriefs. From this portfolio, you will be able to see the Design Thinking Process we followed to develop a solution that will better student engagement at the Frederik Meijer Honors College. Our team consisted of five Honors College Students with diverse backgrounds and areas of study. Each team member brought different perspectives and strengths to our process. We believe our final innovation will provide a solution to encourage student governance of the Honors College. From this innovation, Honors Students will have an opportunity to share their voice and have a role in improving their Honors College experience. We are grateful for those we interviewed, our professor, our classmates, and our collaborators for providing us valuable insights that have contributed to our research. Thank you for taking the time to read our Design Thinking journey. We hope our hard work will improve the future of the Frederik Meijer Honors College.