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Despite the obvious successes that the Frederik Meijer Honors College has enjoyed in recent years, there are noticeable ways in which it can grow, the most visible of which, is the current agency that the students claim in the Honors College. Lack of student agency, or governance, is likely the manifestation of a deeper problem, however. We seek to solve the inability for the Honors College students and faculty/administration to develop rich and meaningful relationships, through which the students will be able to voice their concerns and thus help govern the Honors College. We believe that effective governance is built on authentic relationships. Our aim is to foster an environment in which these relationships can flourish, with an emphasis on creating barrier-free opportunity for faculty/administration and students to openly communicate. Through an empathetic approach, we will gain better knowledge and understanding of what past, present, and future FMHS students want and need to participate in improved communication. We aim to amplify student issues and ensure faculty and administrative involvement in dialogue, eliminating communication barriers that leave both students and faculty in the dark.