Lead Author Type

MBI Masters Student


Dr. Guenter Tusch, tuschg@gvsu.edu


Health Information Technology, Electronic Health Records, HITECH ACT, Medical records


HITECH Act was primarily enacted to promote adoption of Electronic Health Records and other Health information technologies. Over the years, the Act has impacted on EHR in diverse ways. Firstly, the HITECH Act significantly improved the rate of adoption of electronic health records among health care providers from the low adoption rates 3.2% up to 14.2%. Another impact of HITECH Act on electronic health records is that it has improved the privacy and security of EHR data by holding the healthcare organizations and their associates and service providers responsible for the security and privacy of personal data of the EHR systems.

Methods : Prisma guidelines are employed in the systematic review. This project involves undertaking a comprehensive review of previously published studies on the impact of HITECH Act on EHR systems.

Results : The findings of the present qualitative review show that HITECH Act has impact on the EHR systems by improving adoption of Electronic Health Records among Healthcare providers and by improving privacy and security of EHR data.