Anglo, comparative analysis, family business, Germanic, Nordic


Using GLOBE classification and findings, this paper compares the family characteristics and work cultures of family businesses in Anglo, Germanic, and Nordic cultures. Results indicate differing patterns in terms of the involvement of the family in the family business and other key organizational dimensions. While all three regions share their weak family orientation, the Nordic and Germanic regions share stronger future orientation and uncertainty avoidance. The Anglo and Germanic regions share stronger performance orientation and the Nordic region stands out for its low power distance and low assertiveness. Overall, the characteristics of family businesses in the three regions may be associated with the distinctive regional cultures suggesting support for the presence of culturally implicit theories in the family business characteristics.


Original Citation: Gupta, Vipin, Nancy M. Levenburg, Lynda Moore, Jaideep Motwani, and Thomas Schwarz. "The Spirit of Family Business: A Comparative Analysis of Anglo, Germanic and Nordic Nations." International Journal of Cross Cultural Management 11, no. 2 (2011): 133-151.